Dominion’s Training Department provides your company with state-of-the-art, application-specific training for your employees. At Dominion Technologies Group we offer standard, as well as, customized training programs to suit all of our customer’s needs. Training programs are targeted for operators and maintenance staff. Programs are also available for management, engineering, and quality assurance. Dominion’s instructors are also well versed in “Train the Trainer” programs.

By receiving training from a Dominion instructor, your employees will gain the confidence and knowledge required to properly maintain and operate the Dominion Technologies Group equipment. This results in improved product quality and also reduces unplanned downtime.

Dominion instructors are available for domestic or international travel. Training programs can be accomplished at the customer’s facility planned around plant schedules or at Dominion Technologies Group headquarters in our dedicated training rooms.

Machine Updates

Dominion Technologies Group offers field upgrades to existing Dominion equipment. With such long lifecycles, our equipment could potentially become outdated. As our engineers innovate these systems, we make that available to you so your equipment can operate with today’s latest functionality.

Controls and Mechanical Support

Time is money. We know how pauses in production will affect your bottom line. That is why we put great emphasis on support after the sale. We employ technicians located around the world that allow us to assist your needs in a timely and effective manner. Whether mechanical or controls related, our technicians have the skills to resolve the most complex problems.