Dominion Technologies Group offers complete end-of-line solutions that are a critical part of the final assembly process. We develop software that consistantly delivers accurate measurements related to wheel alignment, headlamp aim, roll testing, and in other areas of final assembly. These calibrations ensure that your vehicles are safe for operation when rolled out on the road. In addition to Wheel Alignment and Headlamp Aim we offer solutions in:

Forward Facing Camera

The Dominion Forward Facing Calibration System utilizes a pair of illuminated fixed targets placed at a defined relative point in space to the vehicle. Utilizing the vehicle’s on board diagnostic port (OBDII) through the Dominion Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI-700) the Dominion software is able to tell the vehicle when the conditions are proper to calibrate and receive end of cycle status, report that to the plant and store in SPC. A locating system for the vehicle to properly position it relative to the targets can be stand-alone or integrated into with the Dominion Wheel Alignment / Headlamp Aim system.

Steering Wheel Levelers

The steeling wheel leveler is a complete control system intended to hold a vehicle’s steering wheel to a specified angle while wheel alignment is being performed. The inclinometer provides feedback that is sent to the alignment PC through an RS-232 COM cable. The electronically controlled pneumatic cylinder positions the steering wheel using a three-point contact between the steering wheel and windshield.

Roll Test

The Dominion roll test machine is a vital part of the final assembly process. The machine verifies and validates many critical facets of the vehicle prior to shipment. The vehicle is checked both statically and dynamically though a series of programmable sequences. The vehicle driver receives prompts from the controller to ensure the success of each test. Test data for each vehicle is stored on the PC. Status data is written to the vehicle ECU.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Dominion offers several systems that will either aim or calibrate adaptive cruise control. Our automated system will accurately calibrate the radar-based module and help reduce your cycle time burden.

Drive Audit

The drive audit is done to audit and verify the results of the wheel alignment process. This is done by using a digital inclinometer. The pull measurement is measured by a force transducer. The data from two individual runs on the test track are then used to calculate average and delta values for steering wheel angle and steering pull.

Lane Departure Warning

The Dominion Lane Departure Warning Device is a platform in which to locate the vehicle to a target so the vehicles LDW module can self-calibrate. The system can be standalone or integrated with the Headlamp Aim / Wheel Alignment machines.